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"HBFF Training & Consultancy" is a Dutch holding uniting several independent companies that provide consulting services of high quality in the sphere of education, international consulting, charity, as well as art. Uniting professionals with business, linguistic and psychological background resulted in a company that is based on individual attitude towards every single client while tackling most sophisticated issues.

The international society is facing an important stage of development- globalization, this is the time when companies go international and face challenging situations. In order to successfully promote products and services it is of great necessary to be up-to-date with the current global situation. The key to success is your staff, educated in an open-minded manner, knowing business ethics, presentation and persuasion skills, high level of business English. That kind of staff can be created with our help.

Mini business programs are targeted at professionals willing to achieve highest possible results in shortest possible time by expanding knowledge in various spheres. Structured trainings and workshops provide the basis of advanced skills adoption in a playful manner. With the help of NLP techniques (Neuro-linguistic programming) the whole process of learning turns into a challenging but pleasant process.

Efficient adoption to the new globalized business environment is the key of the success of our programs and open trainings.

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© "HBFF Training & Consultancy", 2011. More information about the company and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity you will find in section "About us"